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Return by Augusto Poderes (Angel Espada)

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Return Poem by Augusto Poderes
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Augusto Poderes.
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Have you ever heard a whisper
in between your dreams
like in the middle of the mist
something unknown
something unseen
cracking up the silence
within your sleep?
Have you?
Try to remember
back in time
and you will find,
you will see
That it was me.
It was I
when we were one at once
facing each other
like the sun to the moon
like the evening to the dawn
like the night to the day...
We were both
and we were one
like a mirror to each other;
identical water drops
descending in a fall
to the cascade of this life
and in the water
we were absorbed
and we were lost.
We passed through rivers
We were at the ocean floor,
Looking for each other
Meeting many souls,
And we wanted to travel
As far as to the sun
To the galaxies and go beyond
And we invented in eternity
For each one of us
Water pumps of soap
To go floating
Through the Universe
As childlike souls,
Forever young.
Because You and I
Were destined
To this return!

Augusto poderes copyright April 2008

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Return by the Poet Augusto Poderes

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