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Friend by
J. Perry Alldredge

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Friend Poem by J. Perry Alldredge
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet J. Perry Alldredge .
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When your life makes no sense,
Let me carry you for a while
And I will pray when you can not,
And believe for you.

Rest in God’s LOVE as I reflect it,
And return it when I am in need,
For we both know,
That day will surely come.

At this moment my soul is shining….
My faith is solid, my life is in order.
I can share what JOY I possess,
Therefore I will.

Doubt will soon flee as you share what’s true
And dispel the myths you have made up
Out of your disappointment
In your own behavior.

Accept that forgiveness is the remedy
That you must accept and then give away,
As you walk your path,
Accompanied by God.

Until then when you are not convinced you can get there,
When it seems too far, too heavy, or too dark,
It will be my honor to hold your hand,
Letting go only when you have arrived!

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Friend by the Poet J. Perry Alldredge

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