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They Come Again by Robert Gresak

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They Come Again Poem by Robert Gresak
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Robert Gresak.
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They Come Again

The time has now come
and from on high issues the commands
that the ages now demands,
that man arises from mediocrity,
to seize and enter his spirit reality.

The time and the age now urges
that men begin the purges
of their lower nature
to rise into the spirit –self
thereby to inherit such bounteous wealth.

The call from the highest has gone out,
the call to work for God resounds about,
the will to channel light begins to surge,
see, see what love and wisdom does emerge.

They swiftly come the brothers of compassion
Showering their cosmic love through every nation,
for many, many now sense their vibration
and strive to carry out their Godly will
with love, humbleness and firm conviction.

They come again these ascended Masters
these Great Ones
to uplift and imbue with light anew
the sons of men.

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They Come Again by the Poet Robert Gresak

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