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Expression In Silence by Mary Pat Nally

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Expression In Silence Poem by Mary Pat Nally
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Mary Pat Nally.
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Expression In Silence

To be still in the emptiness
in the silence

To be still and hear
the calling of my soul

To be touched by the light
that infuses my body
with life

Light that gives me strength
as I allow myself
to tap into
a knowing of truth

In silence I can hear
the quiet whisper
of love itself

I can hear
the laughter of joy
as it encourages me
to open myself
ever so gently
to touch
the heart of another

In silence I can hear
the message
from my own heart
beating in time
giving me
the breath of life
that makes way
for energy,
movement and expansion
of my truest Self

A Self that is embraced,
honored and loved

Living in faith
Surrounded by hope
Protected by the light
that is,in fact,
the essence of what is

It is in the silence
of my soul
that I am able
to fully connect
to the divine light
That lives within,
shines through
and connects us all.

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Expression In Silence by the Poet Mary Pat Nally

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