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The Secret Place by Aaron Covington

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The Secret Place Poem by Aaron Covington
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Aaron Covington.
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The Secret Place

The place my heart calls home.

The place my heart goes when I am left all alone.

I travel to the secret place,

filled with pure beauty that no man can take.

No man has seen the secret place; no man can corrupt it with his upheaval.

The Lord Almighty once told me to fear no evil.

My heart hold on to those words.

Everyday a new lesson has to be learned.

But the words never changes.

Its the situations that has the various ranges.

But my heart holds on to the truth,

Therefore knowing each of those situations, must be conquered by the truth.

The secret place is where my heart goes,

The secret place; where I go; no man can go.

Where I go, no man, but only God and I knows.

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The Secret Place by the Poet Aaron Covington

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