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All Your Life by
Guthema Roba

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All Your Life Poem by Guthema Roba
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Guthema Roba.
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All Your Life

When you

Connect with the ancient longing,

the ancient music,

that is you,

when you

Remove your gloves and feel the earth's heartbeat,

that is you,

trees would shake off the dew

from their branches and smile back.

The tigers in the forest become your companions.

They would offer you to ride on their backs.

Mountains move in and out with your breath

The sky swaddles you in his wings

like your mom did when you were child.

You become that child again.

You're here as well as everywhere.

Swimming with the fish, in the coral reefs

or on the moutain top, dancing with the winds

You would look around

and say to yourself:

Where have my worries gone?

Where has my fear gone?

where have my problems gone?

You see?

this is the beauty

you have been looking for

all your life.

This is the beauty.

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All Your Life by the Poet Guthema Roba

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