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Hourglass by Julie Pisacane

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Hourglass Poem by Julie Pisacane
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Julie Pisacane.
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A precise instrument
Purposed to display
A quiet sand shower
As a keeper of time
Unveiling the passing
moments of each day.

Silent sand clock will spill
And in the bottom gently fill
With grains of precious sand
Announcing the hour at hand.

The top glass may seem empty
Yet with a different point of view
We can look again and see
How that’s not exactly true.

The empty part holds
Something there
Essential for life…
A small bit of air.

Half empty, half full
Divided …yet complete
Precious sands
Travel together
Through a
Narrow passage
Designed to
Steady the pace
Of time
With courage and grace .

The hourglass
Serves as a reminder
To us all
Of minutes past
Not meant to return …
As not everything
Was created to last.

Half empty, half full
Two parts visible
Helping us to see
That ,which cannot be undone
And yet what the near future
Could hopefully still be.

Precious grains of sand
United in life’s race
Sometimes full
With plenty
Sometimes on the bare side
And empty
Yet always cared for and precious
Under the eyes of God.

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Hourglass by the Poet Julie Pisacane

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