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Spirit Dancer by Barbara Callahan Quin

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Spirit Dancer Poem by Barbara Callahan Quin
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Barbara Callahan Quin.
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Spirit Dancer

The wind of the Sun dances with my Soul.
My Spirit lives with the Stars.
My Mind is the Universe and my Heart Eternity.
My fingertips weave the magic stream of Spirit
into the fabric light of my Soul,
shielding me, protecting me.
My life cannot be contained within this
one-celled Body Physical.
My Spirit abounds.
Light and Love are my Breath,
the fluid motion of Spirit my life’s blood.
I am Spirit Dancer,
a beam of the great Spirit Sun,
ever far-reaching, extending, expanding,
lighting the Pathway before me.
My Light casts no shadow, for it is Love,
and in Love there is no darkness.
I am.

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Spirit Dancer by the Poet Barbara Callahan Quin

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