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O, Bonquet of Colours by Ryan Jacobs

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O, Bonquet of Colours Poem by Ryan Jacobs
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Ryan Jacobs.
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O, Bonquet of Colours

Stunning revival-
the air brushed love upon delicate skin
relishing atop the highest branch
am I a monkey whom scrabbles from one unto the next?
The emerald evergreen pines that hide from eyesight
blended, they bask before an ivory skyline
transcending vibrant shapes piercing through clouds
pouring forever more
across ocean mounted the shore
Such a strength!
Roots that quench for droplets from rain cloud lips
misty eyes gaze into this lucid world
so fourth our amble swing preludes thy topekian sun rays
march of misguided soliders play platforms of drum beats
alongside a teal equilibrium
saturated by those ever present needles
levitate through emotion as you touch invisible light.

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O, Bonquet of Colours by the Poet Ryan Jacobs

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