Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Returning to the Goddess

I've found an article on how important it is in these times to reconize the Goddess asspect. Far to long has this world been dominated with the male energy, this world certainly needs to come into a more balanced state. I pray sooner rather then later that the tide will turn and the female energy will wash over the earth and all of us, cleansing and restoring peace and love once again on this planet.

Journey to the Heart of the Goddess
"Over 2,000 years ago, our planet experienced a "pole shift"—not a magnetic pole shift, but one which had as powerful an influence on all of life on the planet: a shift in polarity from the Yin based Goddess traditions which had ruled for almost 35,000 years, to a new Yang oriented, patriarchal ascension." wisdommagazine
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