Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Feng Shui Fact or Fiction?

Namaste to you all, I came across this article on the ancient Chinese science called Feng Shui. Most of you would have heard about it by now, it's become very popular over the past few years in the west.

So what is Feng Shui exactly? basically Feng Shui is a system that involves a set of guidelines for creating harmony and balance in your living and working environment. There are many ways in which the Chinese masters of Feng Shui worked out how to create positive Chi(energy). From placing furniture in a certain way and place, to hanging certain ornaments in particular areas.

I had a bit to do with Feng Shui many years ago when I owned a hairdressing salon. My partner at the time got right into it, she studied all the books an even got the assistance of a Feng Shui consultant in to set up the shop and house. I'm still to this day sitting on the fence on the subject. I'm open to everything and I witnessed enough occasions where Feng Shui certainly looked to be an exact science. For example when ever a light bulb would blow in the salon, clients would decrease, at first I thought it was just a coincidence, but it happened to many times and my partner was always quick to point it out.

Then there were the poor old goldfish, what courageous little employees these guys were, the Chinese say to have a certain amount of goldfish in your house or business, because they take in any bad energy that was around and nine times out of ten the poor little buggers took it in and would die. I cant quite remember what happened when a goldfish died, I think your money stopped flowing in, so as soon as one or sometimes two died my partner would be straight on the phone in a mad panic,'as soon as you get a chance can you call into the pet shop and get some more goldfish and hurry', when I look back the pet shop owners must of loved me or they thought I was just plain hopeless at looking after goldfish. I must admit everytime one of the those tough little fish died, if I didnt get it replaced within a few days the shop would be quite, and boy did I did I get a hounding from the girls if I didnt turn up with a scaly little commando.

So why do I still have reservations on Feng Shui? even after seeing on numerous occasions that it had merit. Simply I thought alot of mind over matter had alot to do with it, especially with my partner at the time, she had an amazing strong mind and will, if she whole heartedly believed in something nine times out of ten it would happen. She had also a gift of getting others to believe in her story, so not only was there one person with full faith in Feng Shui, now there were four people.

You see at the time I also had a problem with something outside of myself having power over me. I used to say 'there's no way a piece of furniture could effect my energy or moods, my energy is vibrating higher then that, are we that weak that we are so easily effected by a certain object not placed in the right area, a fish dying, a certain colour in a certain area?'. I fully believe that what ever you whole heartedly believe in will effect you in one way or another that's for sure, but aren't we taught that nothing on the outside of us can effect us or have any power over us unless we allow it?

If we are divine sparks of god, then we are creator beings ourselves just like god so what we put out there, what we think inside of ourselves is all created by us and only us. I fully believed this statement for years, but you might have picked up lately I don't know what I believe anymore, I have been striped bare of everything I thought I knew since coming back from India and as some of my wonderful friends say that's not a bad place to be. That's a whole other topic I'd like to get into soon. Here's the article.

Feng Shui in Retail Stores
"The following are questions posed to 168 Feng Shui Advisors by a student writing a paper on Feng Shui." 168fengshui
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neihter fact or fiction, its Faith :)


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