Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mind, Body and Spirit

Well last weekend I had a chance to go to the Mind, Body and Spirit festival in Brisbane, Australia. This festival is one of the major new age festivals in the country. It's been seven years since I last went to this particular festival.

Well in my opinion(I say opinion, because I was not effected by what I experienced, if it was judgement I would have had some type of reaction) it really hasn't changed that much over all these years. The only difference I noticed was that there were allot more gadgets for different healing techniques.

I realize that technology has been huge in all areas of our lives over the past sixty years, so I guess it was only a matter of time when it made its way into the alternative healing area. There looked like there were electronic devices for everything from reflexology to clearing your chakras with light technology.

Now I'm probably not entitled to give comprehensive view of these new gizmo's because I didn't try them myself(I forget about my blog allot of the time and I should have interviewed people after they'd finished, I'll remember next time). The way I see it, it's gadgets or human touch, which ones better? or do they both have a role to play? We all know about the healing effects of human touch and how important the role of human touch plays in our lives.

So let's look at it more closely, getting a healing from a fellow human being has many positives, though there are also a couple of negatives, one negative could be, is the person we're getting the healing from clear in themselves? can we truly get a pure and clear healing from another person? The answer for me is that there are healers and practitioners out there that have very clear energy and there are plenty that aren't. How do we choose what practitioner and what healing modality is right for us? like everything, ask within, whilst meditating ask yourself 'what and who is the best healing technique and healer for me, right at this moment?' see what answer you get, if it makes your energy feel uplifted or you get clear guidance to go a head, go for it.

Another way if you cant get a clear message is ask around, find out through word of mouth who and whats good, because I tell you after going to a festival like this there are so many different healing techniques out there and more and more are coming out everyday, it certainly can be a bit over whelming. But by asking other peoples opinion we are searching for answers on the outside of ourselves, when we truly have all the answers within us. Try it and go to a healer and if it hasn't worked out, look at why you chose them and what's the lesson. 'Through our own experience we learn and that's the only way'.

Now as for the gadgets there are positives and negatives for them as well. Let's take one of the reflexology machines for example, once you buy one you've got it for life(if it holds together), you can pull it out of the cupboard anytime you like and that certainly saves you a hell of allot of money. But can they do as good a job as a human? in my opinion no. A machine might press the right points, a machine might relax us for a period of time, but there's one thing I do know is that you cant talk to a machine and get things off your chest(half of the time that's all people need in a healing) and a machine wont give you hopefully sound advice if you do have a problem.

So finding what's right for you is the key here, trying for yourself what works for you and you only is also just as important. I said to someone at the festival 'this maybe why there's so many different healing modalities, because there's so many different people and that obviously not one shoe fits all'. Being open to trying different healing modalities is a good thing as well, they all have their place in healing different parts of us.