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Find online psychics listed alphabetically, by the first name of the psychic or the psychic company name. Psychics from all countries worldwide are listed in the A to Z directory of professional psychics. If you are searching for a psychic in your country, choose a psychic by region. Includes telephone psychics, email, psychic chat reading, astrologers, horoscope readings, clairvoyants, psychic mediums, healers, pet psychics, and cheap online psychic readers.

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Alida Fehily - Australian Psychic
Spiritual intuitive psychic offering her psychic consultations in person and can be contacted by phone or through her psychic website.

Alinda - UK Psychic Astrologer
Alinda is a psychic astrologer that offers consultations via the net or by telephone.

Toni Allen - Astrologer & Card Reader
Expert astrologer from the UK that offers a choice of psychic readings from net readings, phone consultations and private readings in your home.

Amadai - British Psychic
Experienced psychic that gives email readings, phone readings and psychic readings for functions.

Maurice Amdur - UK Psychic Medium
Uk psychic intuitive offering psychic consultations from your home, by the web and by phone.

Amira Celon - Australian Psychic
Sydney based popular psychic providing readings by email, phone or in person.

Karen Anderson - US Pet Communicator
Karen offers psychic readings for your pet via phone, internet or one on one.

Angel of Wishing Moon - Clairvoyant - Based in the UK, Angel is a gifted psychic, spell caster, clairvoyant and tarot reader, she offers reading and healings via text messages, phone calls and online.

Karri Ann - Spiritual Psychic Reader
US based psychic healer, angel communicator and spiritual workshop facilitator offering her services by emailing her, contacting her by phone or meeting her in person.

Sheri Anspach - Pet Communicator
American pet psychic and healer whose services include Reiki healing for animals and humans as well as intuitive counseling over the phone, by email or in person.

Patrick Avenell - Telephone Psychic
Psychic phone reader from Australia providing in house readings and telephone readings.

Arwen - Tarot Card Reader
US born tarot reader living in Texas. Arwen gives consultations either by telephone, in person or by the web.

Catheryn Bachman - Psychic Astrologer
Clairvoyant astrologer that provides astrology readings by phone or via the internet.

Laura Barat - USA Astrologer
US astrologer with knowledge in all aspects of horoscope charts. Laura offers horoscope readings via the net or by telephone.

Madonna Barnard - Texas Psychic Tarot Reader
Gifted psychic healer, spell caster, tarot card reader, spiritual counselor and palm reader providing readings and healings over the phone, in person or by email.

Dr Art Basu - Psychic Astrologist
Australian born psychic and horoscope consultant that gives phone readings.

Anne Marie Bell - Spiritual Psychic
Anne Marie provides accurate psychic readings either by phone or by the web. She is also a gifted medium and tarot reader.

Elisa Benavides - Canadian Astrologer
Elisa offers astrology readings and charts either by telephone or gives readings online.

Belinda Bentley - Celebrity Psychic Medium
American psychic that offers clients psychic and mediumship readings, house clearings, teachings in psychic paranormal abities. Belinda can contacted through her website for a phone reading and more.

Beth Berry - Psychic Medium
Clairvoyant psychic medium that can be contacted for one of her compassionate readings by phone, through her website or in private.

Jeni Bethell - Spiritual Tarot Reader
Australian tarot reader from Melbourne offerings private readings and tarot classes. Contact Jeni via email or by phoning her.

Jason Betts - Australian Psychic
Tasmanian based psychic reader and healer offering his incredible accurate psychic readings over the phone or by mailing him.

Francis Bevan - Psychic Reader
Tarot card reader, numerologist, astrologer and psychic offering readings by phone.

Milton Black - Australian Psychic Card Reader
Milton gives psychic readings by phone and email readings.

Ericka Boussarhane - US Psychic & Tarot Reader
Florida based psychic tarot reader that gives psychic consultations by telephone, emails or face to face readings.

Didier Boyer - UK Numerologist
Didier offers numerology readings from his home in the UK he also does readings by phone or online.

Kerri Brewer - Psychic
American psychic clairvoyant offering readings and healings over the telephone or online.

Janice Brown - Experienced Astrologist
Canadian astrologist, zodiac columnist and teacher providing charts over the phone or in private.

Diana Brownstone - Professional Astrologer
Based in New York, America giving astrology readings by phone, email or in person.

Josiane Bryant - Sydney Tarot Reader
Sydney based astrologist, tarot card reader, numerologist and healer providing readings and healing in person. Contact Josiane via phone or by email through her website.

Jim Cassa - Psychic Reader in Melbourne
Melbourne based psychic medium offering his unique readings over the phone, private readings and email readings.

Lucy Cavendish - Tarot Reader in Sydney
Accurate, honest and caring Sydney psychic and tarot card reader offering psychic sessions in person or by distance. Visit her website for a reading by emailing or phoning her.

Gary Champion - Texas Psychic Medium
Highly experienced psychic medium and animal communicator giving his very accurate readings over the phone, via email or face to face.

Rev. Ann Renee Chavez - Wholistic Psychic Healer
US spiritual psychic and healer providing healing and psychic guidance over the phone, in person or through emailing her.

Billy Cook - Psychic Spiritual Medium
Based in the UK, Billy has been holding psychic medium channelings for over twenty years. He can be contacted by emailing him through his website.

Kathy Cooper - Psychic Astrologer
Australian astrologer with over twenty years of experience giving full astrology readings by phone or online.

Jeremy Crow - Canadian Tarot Reader - Canadian based tarot reader with over fifteen years experience givng expert readings over the phone, face to face or online.

Elizabeth Lee-Crowther - Animal Psychic
UK pet psychic that provides psychic readings for your pets via the net, phone readings for your animals or by visiting your house.

John Culbertson - Mystic Channeler
Channeler, card reader, astrologist, spiritual coach and numerologist from the States providing healing sessions and readings over the phone, face to face or by email.

Laura Daligan - Psychic Healer
Colour therapist and caring psychic that gives live readings over the phone, readings by email and even readings at parties.

Darryl - Sydney Psychic
Forensic psychic, angel intuitive and tarot card reader providing consultations face to face in Sydney and can be contacted via telephone or by emailing him.

Stacey Demarco - Psychic Witch
- Witch based in Sydney, Australia that gives coffee readings, spellcastings and oracle readings in her home, by the phone or through her websit.

Joy Dev - Professional Tarot Reader & Numerologist
Highly regarded tarot card reader and numerologist offering phone readings, email readings and personal readings as well as events and courses in learning the tarot and numerology.

Devorah - Sydney Astrologists
Devorah is a very popular and respected astrologist, tarot reader, numerologist, spiritual cansellor and palmist from Sydney, Australia.

Lynda Doyle - Psychic Consultant - Lynda is based in Canada, she offers personal one on one readings as well as phone readings.

Simon Dow - Psychic Tarot Reader - Australian based psychic tarot reader with thirty years experience in psychic phenomena. Contact Simon for and insightful reading by phone or by emailing him.

Diane Dwyer - ACT Psychic - Psychic clairvoyant that can be contacted for readings either through the net, telephone or face to face.

Edna - Psychic Tarot Card Reader - Tarot card reader with psychic powers that gives private home readings and live phone readings.

Pauline Edward - Astrologist and Numerologist - Astrologist and numerologist from Canada providing readings by the internet, in person or by phone.

Eileen - British Tarot Reader - Eileen provides tarot card readings and healings either by telephone or by email.

Jenine Esco - US Tarot Card Reader - Psychic tarot reader from Chicago who offers consultations over the telephone or by the internet.

Faithe - Sydney Psychic
Based in Syney Faithe is a spiritual psychic, clairvoyant, tarot and angel reader, relationship counsellor giving readings by phone or by Skype.

Jennifer Farmer - Spiritual Medium - Spiritual teacher, psychic and medium offering clients readings over the phone, in person or via email.

Lenny Feldsott - Spiritual Medium - Lenny specializes in mediumship in the LA area in California. He gives psychic readings over the phone, face to face or through email.

Peter Filis - Australian Psychic Numerologist - Peter is a tarot card expert as well as a psychic and numerologist. He offers readings via the telephone or online.

Michele Finey - Professional Astrologist - Melbourne based astrologist, healer, astrology author and teacher offering readings and healings in private and over the phone. Contact Michele via her website.

Sonya Fitzpatrick - USA Pet Psychic - US pet communicator and psychic offering phone readings, online emailing and home readings.

Debra Floyd - US Psychic - Spiritual psychic that has experience as a medium, tarot reader and pet psychic. Debra gives consultations via the phone or by the internet.

Andy Ford - Psychic Medium - Psychic medium and tarot reader based in Southampton, Hampshire, England giving personal one on one psychic readings and tarot readings. Contact Andy through his website for a reading via his email.

Joanne Eve Fraelic - Psychic Healer - Well respected psychic, crystal healer, palm reader and tarot reader from Canada. Joanne gives her empowering readings and healings over the phone, in person or by emailing her.

Pamela Furlong - Numerologist - Psychic astrologer, tarot reader, numerologist and spiritual teacher offering clients readings over the phone, in person or by emailing Pam.

Amber Garnet - Psychic Tarot Reader and Palmist - Psychic palm reader, healer and tarot reader from London giving private sessions and phone readings.

Anne Germain - Medium - Based in the UK Anne offers psychic readings and spiritual healings in person at her home or she can be contacted by phone or by emailing her.

Kelly Goff - Pet Psychic
Atlanta based animal psychic offering readings for your pet by telephone, internet readings or by mail.

Crystal Green - UK Psychic
Uk accurate psychic reader that gives readings by the telephone, online readings or private home visits.

Lisa Greene - US Animal Psychic
Medical intuitive and pet communicator that provides psychic reading over the phone, in person or via the web.

Tara Greene - Canadian Phone Psychic
Canadian intuitive psychic astrologer that offers her readings through the telephone.

Spencer Grendahl - Palmist and Astrologer
American astrologer and palm reader that can be contacted for his unique style of readings by email, postal mail, in person or over the phone.

Alan Hatfield - Spiritual Psychic - Canadian based spiritual psychic that offers genuine psychic readings over the phone or in person.

Dr. Daniel R. Hardt - Numerologist
American numerologist that provides consultations at your office or by phone.

Judy Hevenly - Californian Psychic
Expert and accurate psychic, astrologist, author and psychic healer providing readings over the phone, in person or online.

Richard Hills - UK Astrologer
British born astrologer offering clients readings at home, via embalm and by phone.

Jen Hirsch - South African Palm Reader
Palm reader with nearly twent years of experience in the art of palmistry offering her intuitive detailed readings in person and can be contacted through her website by phone or email.

Leanne Holitza - Psychic Reader
US based psychic healer and clairvoyant reader offering readings over the telephone, online or face to face.

Hotno - Channeller
Psychic channeller from Canada that offers channelled readings via the phone, on her website or in person at her home.

Joanne Hull - Pet Communicator
UK based pet psychic and animal healer offering readings at your home, by emailing her or by postal mail.

Inbaal - UK Psychic Tarot Reader
British based psychic tarot card reader that provides in-depth readings via the phone, online and party events.

Kelly Isara - Psychic Tarot Reader
Melbourne based clairvoyant tarot card reader, spiritual counsellor and dream interpreter providing readings over the phone, email readings and face to face readings.

Sabra Jenny - US Psychic
Psychic reader offering many types of psychic readings via her website including pet psychic readings, genealogy readings and so much more.

Elisabeth Jensen - Australian Psychic
South Australian award winning psychic medium offering her remarkable healings and readings over the phone or one on one.

Stephanie Johnson - Adelaide Astrologist
Expert Australian astrologer offering all astrology charts in person, by phone or by email.

Jules - British Psychic Medium
Expert UK psychic clairvoyant, tarot reader and has many other psychic gifts offering readings in person, via email and by phone.

Kae - Intuitive Psychic - Psychic intuitive palm reader from the US giving readings over the phone, one on one or by email.

Anne Marie Kell - Spiritual Psychic - Anne Marie provides accurate psychic readings either by phone or by the web. She is also a gifted medium and tarot reader.

Samantha Kane- Kennedy- Canadian Astrologist - Passionate, experienced intuitive astrologist giving astrology chart readings over the phone, in private and via email.

Maggie Kerr - Professional Astrologist - Based on the Gold Coast Australia, Maggie is a leading astrologist, counsellor and spiritual teacher that offers private astrology readings as well as phone readings.

Cassandra Knight - Professional Psychic - Australian psychic giving psychic readings face to face and by phone.

Michele Knight - UK Psychic Medium - UK born psychic channeler and astrologer. Michele offers readings through the internet or by phone.

Judith Laura - Psychic Tarot Reader - US tarot reader with psychic abilities providing readings in person, phone readings and readings done through her website.

Marc Laurenson - Sydney Astrologists - Experienced astrologer from Australia providing astrology readings via emails or by phone.

Nancy Lee - Spiritual Psychic - American psychic living in Colorado giving a huge array of psychic readings over the telephone, email or one on one.

Simonne Lee - Pet Psychic - Animal communicator from Sydney Australia offering readings for your pets through the internet at your home or by telephone.

Leonora - Animal Psychic - Animal channeler, gypsy, angel and goddess reader that offers readings over the phone, face to face and online.

Leslie - UK Medium - Medium that provides readings at his home as well as home visits and psychic phone readings.

Linda - Psychic Numerologist - US tarot reader, numerologist, astrologer and psychic offering readings through the internet or by phone.

Joseph LoBrutto III - United States Psychic - American psychic medium giving phone psychic readings, mediumship readings, home readings.

Jay Love - Spiritualist Medium - UK spiritual medium, trance channeler and transfiguration medium giving one on one and group sessions. Jay also gives demonstrations at events. He can be contacted via his website by emailing him or by phone.

Maginta - South African Tarot Reader
Talented, caring and intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, palm reader and healer offering healings and readings face to face by appointment over the phone or by email.

Barb Mallon - Spirit Medium - American spiritual medium offering readings for individuals, groups and events. Barb can be contacted by phone or by email.

Manav - Indian Psychic Healer
Professional, genuine and accurate psychic healer and medium, helping people find peace, joy and happiness through his amazing psychic skills. For a distant or one on one healing contact Manav by phone or by email.

Mar - Spiritual Psychic Reader - Psychic, tarot reader, pet communicator and spiritual teacher from the USA giving readings over the phone or by emailing her.

Rose Marcus - Astrologer and Clairvoyant - Canadian based astrologer, clairvoyant and tarot reader that provides consultations by phone, email or in person.

Marguerita - Psychic Tarot Reader - Uk based psychic healer, tarot reader and clairvoyant. Offering readings over the phone, internet and in your home.

Dana Marie - Numerologist and Clairvoyant - US based clairvoyant that uses her psychic gifts, numerology and tarot symbology in her readings. She offers readings over the telephone or online.

Lisha Marie - Intuitive Clairvoyant - Clairvoyant, healer and life coach from the USA giving readings over the phone, in person or online at her website.

Ines Martens - Psychic Channeler - US psychic channeler and pet communicator offering channelings and healings over the telephone, in person or via email.

Juliet Martine - Soul Psychic - Australian psychic that offers readings one on one, on the web and by phone.

Anne Massey - Experienced Astrologist - Canadian based astrologer offering consultations on all astrology charts via phone, email or in person.

Holly Matthews - Psychic from Arizona
Dedicated and highly accurate psychic medium and pet communicator providing a huge range of services including phone readings, home readings and online psychic readings.

Cheryl Anne McGill - Intuitive Psychic - American psychic, medical intuitive, medium, paranormal investigator and psychic detective giving psychic readings via the phone or email.

Lynn McKenzie - Psychic Pet Healer - Canadian pet communicator offering readings for your beloved pet via the internet or by phone.

Tarot Meister - Spiritual Numerologist - American master tarot reader and numerologist giving readings via postal mail or by emailing him.

Melita - Animal Psychic Medium - Psychic from the city of Perth that's offering readings for your pets and for you from the phone, web and even in person at your home.

Nancine Meyer - Psychic from Arizona
Talented psychic that offers inspiring psychic readings and teachings to individuals and public audiences. Contact Nancine by phone or email.

Michelle - Spirit Messenger - UK psychic giving accurate and honest readings via the phone, internet readings and party readings.

Julian Middleton - Astrologer - UK astrologer offering natal charts, relationship charts and prediction charts by email.

Jayna Miller - Arizona Psychic
Psychic, angel card reader and healer with twenty five years of experience offering clients telephone readings, private readings and email readings.

Shé D’Montford - Psychic Witch - Gold Coast psychic tarot reader offering face to face readings as well as internet services and psychic consultations over the phone.

Linda Monroe - Psychic Astrologer - Australian born Psychic offering psychic readings, numerology readings, tarot readings and astrology readings.

Janet Moore - Professional Psychic Channeler - Based in Florida, USA providing channelings, tarot and psychic messages over the telephone or by email.

La Mozelle - Clairvoyant Tarot Reader - American based tarot reader that uses Hoodoo to give accurate readings online.

Dawn Muncaster - Spiritual Astrologer - Canadian astrologer, spiritual counselor and zodiac columnist offering astrological charts over the phone or in person.

Gaye Nelson - Expert Astrologist - US based astrologist, tarot reader and healer with 20 years experience giving readings via the telephone, emails or in person.

Sandra Nemet - Crystal Ball Reader
Australian based fortune teller, psychic and teacher that offers personal readings in Hobart as well as readings by mail, email and by the telephone.

Tracey Nichols - Spiritual Psychic
Australian psychic healer, tea leaf reader, animal psychic and teacher offering readings over the phone, by email, mail or in person.

Tara Night - Celebrity Psychic
Canadian spiritual medium and radio psychic offerings readings and healings over the phone, online or face to face.

Nirup - Psychic Tarot Card Reader
Sedona based gifted psychic and tarot reader that services include phone readings, online readings and face to face readings.

Jodie Le Norman - UK Psychic Medium
Base in the UK Jodie offers clients psychic mediumship, palm and tarot readings over the phone or contact her through her website by email.

Sue Odam - Spiritualist Medium
Medium from the UK giving private readings, workshops, classes and events on mediumship. Sue can be contacted by telephone or by email.

Brian Oldfield - Australian Psychic
Award winning psychic providing psychic readings as well as mediumship readings via the phone or by email.

Anne Owen - Psychic Healer and Clairvoyant
UK based psychic detective, remote viewer, healer and clairvoyant offering readings and healings by phone, emails or one on one.

Pamela - Texas Tarot Reader
US psychic, medium, master tarot reader, clairvoyant, dream interpreter and numerologist providing readings in person, at parties and over the phone. Check out Pamela's website to contact her.

Par Excellence - Psychic Mediums - UK company offering a number of psychics with a huge range of psychic abilities for all your private functions, corporate parties or hens night.

Ginny Patterson - Pet Psychic Medium
UK animal psychic offering readings via the net, phone and in person.

Penelope - Tarot Reader
Canadian tarot card expert giving her accurate tarot spread readings via the telephone.

Ruth Phillips - Clairvoyant Psychic
Psychic medium providing consultations at your home, phone readings or on the net.

Barb Powell - Spiritual Psychic
Canadian born psychic who can give phone readings, home readings or email readings.

Mary Powers - Phoenix Psychic
Psychic, healer, teacher and numerologist providing individual readings and healings in person.

Satya Pranava Yogi - Indian Psychic Numerologist
Master psychic, astrologer, numerologist, cosmic energy healer, divine tarot reader and teacher of self empowerment programs offering healings, teachings and readings by phone, email or in person.

Cheryl Rae - Australian Psychic
South Australia's 'Psychic of the Year' for 2009 giving her highly skilled clairvoyant, tarot and numerology readings over the phone or face to face.

AuKeeRa Rayne - Clairvoyant and Psychic Healer
Canadian based clairvoyant, pet psychic, medical intuitive and teacher providing readings over the phone or in person to individuals and groups.

Patricia Rickard - Texas Psychic
Highly experienced psychic, spiritual medium, tarot reader and healer offering private consultations in and around Houston Texas. For a psychic or tarot reading session contact Pat by email or phone.

Irene Richardson - Psychic Reader
Based in Maryland, Irene offers a wide range of different psychic readings and healings, contact her vis the phone or by emailing her.

Cathy Rosek - Clairvoyant Psychic
Pyschic intuitive healer and spirit guidance conselor offering psychic readings and healings over the phone, via email or one on one sessions.

Rebecca Rosen - Psychic Medium
Nationally acclaimed psychic from Denver, Colorado giving psychic medium readings to audiences, in private or over the phone.

Rosemary - Animal Psychic
US based pet psychic that provides readings for her clients either by phone, internet or one on one with your pet.

Sorina Ryan - Internet Psychic
Psychic palmist giving honest psychic readings online or readings by telephone.

Priyanka Sawant - Indian Astrology Reader
Gifted Indian astrologist, psychic healer, palm reader and tarot card reader providing readings and healings online and face to face.

Shirlet - Psychic Channeler
American channeler, pet psychic and healer offering readings to people from all over the world. Shirlet gives psychic sessions over the phone, in person or through her website.

Bart Smit - Trance Channeler
Trance channeler from Canada that provides individual home readings and phone psychic readings.

Penelope Smith - Gifted Pet Psychic - Canadian born now living in the United States offering pet readings via the telephone, internet or home visits.

Gordon Spowart - Numerologist - Numerologist offering telephone readings, face on face visits and online readings. Gordon has expertise in all areas of numerology.

Debbystars - Psychic Astrologer and Therapist - London based psychic astrologer, tarot reader and life coach giving reading in person, through emails or by phone.

Donna Stewart - Spiritual Medium - Psychic medium from the UK offering readings and psychic teaching throughout England and internationally. Donna can be contacted by phone or email for personal readings and psychic events.

Sue - Fortune Teller - Based in Bedford England Sue gives clients one on one readings at her home, online readings and telephone readings. She also does readings for parties.

Sue -South African Professional Psychic
Internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, pet psychic, healer and clairvoyant providing readings and psychic healings over the phone, in person or online.

Donna Van Toen - Astrologer - Canadian astrologist that gives consultations in person or by phone.

Colleen Tremaine - Angel Channeler - US based angelic channeler, tarot card reader and crystal healer offering readings by emailing her on her website.

Tricia - Astrologists - UK astrologer with 35 years of experience in astrology. Contact Tricia by phone or by email.

Simon Turnbull - Tarot Reader - Experienced tarot psychic reader providing readings over the phone by email or by mail.

Dan Valkos - Psychic Medium - Popular Canadian Psychic that offers readings by way of the net, phone readings or in person.

Victor Voets - Astrology Tarot Reader - Australian tarot card reader, astrologer, numerologists, palm reader and more. Victor offers his special readings by the web or by phone.

Paul Wade - Astrologer - UK based astrologer offering many different astrology charts. Paul can be contact for a reading via the internet, phoning him or visiting him at his East Sussex home.

Tony Waterfall - Canadian Astrologer - Based in British Columbia, Canada, Tony has been at the forefront of astrology for 35 years. He can be contacted by email, mail or by telephone.

Janet Wilson - Psychic Tarot Reader - UK tarot reader, psychic, palmist and house cleanser offering home readings, phone readings and email readings.

Rick Wood - Psychic Reader and Medium - US based intuitive, fun, caring psychic and counselor giving phone, home and email readings.

Zann - Australian Psychic - Zann gives her caring, accurate and honest readings through emailing her on her website or by contacting her by phone.


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