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Pet Psychic and Animal Communicator Karen Anderson
Animal communicator from the states giving consultations by email, telephone, private one on one sessions or by mail.

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Karen Anderson Information

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For as long as Karen Anderson can remember, she has always loved being around animals. She spent many days as a child sitting with her animals sharing and communicating with them, her thoughts and dreams. Back then Karen being a child thought it was only natural to talk and communicate to animals and that everyone could do the same.

Years later when Karen was in deep meditation, her guides came to her explaining the path she would soon be on. Her guides urged her to reopen her channel and psychic abilities and begin helping humans understand their animal friends.

Karen then devoted her life over the next few years to communicating with many different animals through prayer, study, meditation and practice sessions. She also sort out many experts and continued sharpening her psychic powers.

In the start of 2003 Karen watched her path unfold after taking a leap of faith, she was then and now a professional animal communicator. After many sessions over the years, Karen can help her clients better understand what their animal friends are wanting their owner to know about how they feel and the things that are important to them.

Karen has as much ease communicating with deceased pets or what she prefers to call them "animals in spirit" as animals that are still with us. Messages from animal spirits are more often then not filled with heartfelt words, wonderful memories, healing and love.

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