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American Tarot Reader and Psychic Debra Floyd
American tarot reader and psychic giving telephone readings and home readings. Debra has expertise in all aspects of tarot reading, pet psychic readings and all aspects of mediumship.

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Debra Floyd's Information

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I am a professional psychic and tarot reader. I have been reading the tarot for 25 years, and have done so professionally for the last eighteen years. I have worked with numerous psychic lines, and have an international private clientele. I have been certified by the American Association of Professional Psychics as clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. I have had many years of training in the Western Mystery Traditions, the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Mystic Christianity, celtic shamanism and the Eastern disciplines, and many other ancient and new age systems of knowledge. I work daily with the I Ching, numerology, astrology, and numerous other oracles. I am trained in Life Coaching techniques, to help you find fulfillment and balance in your life. This gives me a vast array of tools to help you help yourself with techniques for self-empowerment and transformation.

A tarot spread functions as a sort of 'snapshot in time'. The central cards speak of the querent (that's you!) and his or her present situation As far as predicting the future goes, this is how it works:

First off, know that the future is not written in stone. We create our futures hand in hand with Life based on our choices. When a psychic looks into the future, he or she is looking for the 'lines of greatest probability', which are radiating out from the present moment into the past and future. In other words, we see the future you are creating by your present choices. If a future outcome is not what has been hoped for, then we can look at other options for action that will bring about a more desirable outcome.

My specialties are life path and spiritual counseling. If you are at a crossroads in your life and want help choosing which path is most in accordance with your true path and nature, then I'm the one to talk to.

Know, however, that I will not tell you what you 'should' do. I can only give you information about your various choices and what will happen should you take various routes. The final decision is up to you.

I also specialize in relationships and relationship counseling. I can not only help you find the love you truly desire, but also to be the greatest love you can be.

As a seer, I can detect energy blockages or disturbances in your psyche and/or life. I can then advise various ways to move and transform this energy so that you can put it to work for you. I am trained in shammanic work and integrative techniques.

I am also trained to assist in interpretation of dreams, as well as mystical and visionary experiences.

I have worked with contacting the deceased as well as unborn children.

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