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A to Z listing of all the psychics, psychic readings, animal psychics, tarot readings, telephone psychics, party psychics and numerologists at Ascension Gateway online.

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Maginta - South African Tarot Reader
Talented, caring and intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, palm reader and healer offering healings and readings face to face by appointment over the phone or by email.

Barb Mallon - Spirit Medium - American spiritual medium offering readings for individuals, groups and events. Barb can be contacted by phone or by email.

Manav - Indian Psychic Healer
Professional, genuine and accurate psychic healer and medium, helping people find peace, joy and happiness through his amazing psychic skills. For a distant or one on one healing contact Manav by phone or by email.

Mar - Spiritual Psychic Reader - Psychic, tarot reader, pet communicator and spiritual teacher from the USA giving readings over the phone or by emailing her.

Rose Marcus - Astrologer and Clairvoyant - Canadian based astrologer, clairvoyant and tarot reader that provides consultations by phone, email or in person.

Marguerita - Psychic Tarot Reader - Uk based psychic healer, tarot reader and clairvoyant. Offering readings over the phone, internet and in your home.

Dana Marie - Numerologist and Clairvoyant - US based clairvoyant that uses her psychic gifts, numerology and tarot symbology in her readings. She offers readings over the telephone or online.

Lisha Marie - Intuitive Clairvoyant - Clairvoyant, healer and life coach from the USA giving readings over the phone, in person or online at her website.

Ines Martens - Psychic Channeler - US psychic channeler and pet communicator offering channelings and healings over the telephone, in person or via email.

Juliet Martine - Soul Psychic - Australian psychic that offers readings one on one, on the web and by phone.

Anne Massey - Experienced Astrologist - Canadian based astrologer offering consultations on all astrology charts via phone, email or in person.

Holly Matthews - Psychic from Arizona
Dedicated and highly accurate psychic medium and pet communicator providing a huge range of services including phone readings, home readings and online psychic readings.

Cheryl Anne McGill - Intuitive Psychic - American psychic, medical intuitive, medium, paranormal investigator and psychic detective giving psychic readings via the phone or email.

Lynn McKenzie - Psychic Pet Healer - Canadian pet communicator offering readings for your beloved pet via the internet or by phone.

Tarot Meister - Spiritual Numerologist - American master tarot reader and numerologist giving readings via postal mail or by emailing him.

Melita - Animal Psychic Medium - Psychic from the city of Perth that's offering readings for your pets and for you from the phone, web and even in person at your home.

Nancine Meyer - Psychic from Arizona
Talented psychic that offers inspiring psychic readings and teachings to individuals and public audiences. Contact Nancine by phone or email.

Michelle - Spirit Messenger - UK psychic giving accurate and honest readings via the phone, internet readings and party readings.

Julian Middleton - Astrologer - UK astrologer offering natal charts, relationship charts and prediction charts by email.

Jayna Miller - Arizona Psychic
Psychic, angel card reader and healer with twenty five years of experience offering clients telephone readings, private readings and email readings.

Shé D’Montford - Psycic Witch - Gold Coast psychic tarot reader offering face to face readings as well as internet services and psychic consultations over the phone.

Linda Monroe - Psychic Astrologer - Australian born Psychic offering psychic readings, numerology readings, tarot readings and astrology readings.

Janet Moore - Professional Psychic Channeler - Based in Florida, USA providing channelings, tarot and psychic messages over the telephone or by email.

La Mozelle - Clairvoyant Tarot Reader - American based tarot reader that uses Hoodoo to give accurate readings online.

Dawn Muncaster - Spiritual Astrologer - Canadian astrologer, spiritual counselor and zodiac columnist offering astrological charts over the phone or in person.

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