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A listing A to Z psychics in Ascension Gateway's directory. Includes phone tarot readers, online numerologists, web psychic consultants, spiritualist mediums and emailing psychics.

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  • Faithe - Sydney Psychic
    Based in Syney Faithe is a spiritual psychic, clairvoyant, tarot and angel reader, relationship counsellor giving readings by phone or by Skype.
  • Matthew Favaloro - Psychic Tarot Reader - Matthew has been a leading tarot reader in Australia for over 30 years, he offers his readings via Skype and in person.
  • Jennifer Farmer - Spiritual Medium - Spiritual teacher, psychic and medium offering clients readings over the phone, in person or via email.
  • Lenny Feldsott - Spiritual Medium - Lenny specializes in mediumship in the LA area in California. He gives psychic readings over the phone, face to face or through email.
  • Peter Filis - Australian Psychic Numerologist - Peter is a tarot card expert as well as a psychic and numerologist. He offers readings via the telephone or online.
  • Michele Finey - Professional Astrologist - Melbourne based astrologist, healer, astrology author and teacher offering readings and healings in private and over the phone. Contact Michele via her website.
  • Sonya Fitzpatrick - USA Pet Psychic - US pet communicator and psychic offering phone readings, online emailing and home readings.
  • Debra Floyd - US Psychic - Spiritual psychic that has experience as a medium, tarot reader and pet psychic. Debra gives consultations via the phone or by the internet.
  • Andy Ford - Psychic Medium - Psychic medium and tarot reader based in Southampton, Hampshire, England giving personal one on one psychic readings and tarot readings. Contact Andy through his website for a reading via his email.
  • Joanne Eve Fraelic - Psychic Healer - Well respected psychic, crystal healer, palm reader and tarot reader from Canada. Joanne gives her empowering readings and healings over the phone, in person or by emailing her.
  • Pamela Furlong - Numerologist - Psychic astrologer, tarot reader, numerologist and spiritual teacher offering clients readings over the phone, in person or by emailing Pam.

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