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American Tarot Reader and Psychic Judith Laura
American tarot reader and psychic giving telephone readings and home readings. Judith Laura has expertise in all aspects of tarot readings.

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Judith Laura Information

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Judith Laura began reading Tarot in the 1970s. She reads privately in person in the Washington, DC, area, in online chat (since 1997), and by phone. She has been featured reader at the 20th Anniversary Party of The Writer’s Center in Bethesda MD, The Center in Laurel MD, and the annual picnic of Amethyst/NCGR (an astrology organization) in Silver Spring, MD. She has clients locally, across the U.S., and internationally. She has served on the advisory committee of the American Board for Tarot Certification, a group of experts outside of ABTC that advises the Board on certification and other matters of concern to the Tarot community.

Judith Laura’s approach to Tarot is spiritual, intuitive, and practical. Her interpretations are enlightened, flexible, non-judgmental and inclusive. She believes Tarot can help people understand the past and present, and prepare for the future. Similar to a weather forecast, where the meteorologist looks at past and present weather patterns and predicts the likely outcome in what the weather will be tomorrow, Tarot allows us to look at the past and present of a situation and estimate what the likely outcome will be if things continue on the present track.

It is very important to remember, however, that the future is not set in stone. By knowing what influences are around us and what the likely outcome is, we can take better advantage of opportunities, prepare ourselves for change, and often, if we wish, modify the ultimate outcome. How you use the information provided by the reading is up to you. Judith advises that you not take the information from readings with her or anyone else as the last word on the matter. Instead, she recommends considering information from the reading along with information you have from other sources, and then making your own informed decisions.

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