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Australian Phone Psychics - Francis Bevan
Australian psychic based in New South Wales giving telephone psychic readings, mediumship readings, tarot readings and consultations. Francis Bevan works with Tarot card reading, Cartomancy (Playing card reading), Numerology and Astrolgy.

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Francis Bevan Information

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Francis Bevan believes in using a combination of Psychic Insight, Intuition, Clairvoyance and Mediumship when he does his readings as he is a natural born psychic. He is also highly skilled in the arts of Tarot card reading, Cartomancy (Playing card reading), Numerology and Astrolgy which he employs in his consultations to give his clients a good overall view of what lies ahead of them. All of the Psychics he employs as part of his team are professional members of the Australian Psychic Association.

Francis Bevan began clairvoyant readings at the age of ten and astounded his family and friends with the gift that he was given. Although he went on to become a musician and then later a policeman, he continued to do clairvoyant readings. He became a professional clairvoyant in 1984. Since then he has become highly proficient at helping people to make difficult life choices. He is also a professional member of the Australia Psychic Association and recognised by The Australian Federation of Astrologers.

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