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United Kingdom Numerologist Didier Boyer
British numerologist giving telephone readings and readings from his home. Didier Boyer has expertise in all areas of numerology.

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Didier Boyer Information

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In 1998, at last, I discover Numerology and I know instantly that this is my destiny. At last it all makes sense! All what I had been learning from the terrible pain of the heartbreak in 1989 to the great Spiritual Teachers, to Reiki, Buddhism, Meditation, I knew that all that knowledge would combine with Numerology and make a fantastic tool to help others

Often, when I do public talks, people ask me how I discovered and started Numerology; Well, one day in 1998, I switched on the TV and there was some horrible, controlling, manipulative so called Numerologist on a show called the "Leeza show". She was rubbish, her system was rubbish (God know how I knew since I was discovering Numerology that day!) but I knew that it was my tool! So I quickly put a tape on and recorded the rest of the program and then studied it carefully. That was enough to convinced me even more that this was the Tool for me and my destiny. I was very lucky to find an excellent book in a little shop in Norwich and I found it so easy to learn; It was like revisiting knowledge I already had! I studied all my life inside out with the help of all the diaries I had kept since 1985 (I must have known!) and I was so blown away that I decided to become a professional.

Doing Numerology Readings for people all over the world is now my full time occupation and the love of my life. I still promote Reiki and say that everyone should at least have Reiki One and in a dream world One and Two as the wonderful Reiki Two symbols allows for tremendous self and distant Healing.

I am now committed to helping others, to help them find their true potential, find out about the wonders of Spiritual Growth and awareness as early in life as possible.

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