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A selection of gifted readers from A to Z including gifted astrologers, clear channelers, distant healers, past life healers and pet intuitives at Ascension Gateway online.

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Priyanka Sawant - Indian Astrology Reader
Gifted Indian astrologist, psychic healer, palm reader and tarot card reader providing readings and healings online and face to face.

Shirlet - Psychic Channeler
American channeler, pet psychic and healer offering readings to people from all over the world. Shirlet gives psychic sessions over the phone, in person or through her website.

Bart Smit - Trance Channeler
Trance channeler from Canada that provides individual home readings and phone psychic readings.

Penelope Smith - Gifted Pet Psychic
Canadian born now living in the United States offering pet readings via the telephone, internet or home visits.

Gordon Spowart - Numerologist
Numerologist offering telephone readings, face on face visits and online readings. Gordon has expertise in all areas of numerology.

Debbystars - Psychic Astrologer and Therapist
London based psychic astrologer, tarot reader and life coach giving reading in person, through emails or by phone.

Donna Stewart - Spiritual Medium
Psychic medium from the UK offering readings and psychic teaching throughout England and internationally. Donna can be contacted by phone or email for personal readings and psychic events.

Sue - Fortune Teller
Based in Bedford England Sue gives clients one on one readings at her home, online readings and telephone readings. She also does readings for parties.

Sue -South African Professional Psychic
Internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, pet psychic, healer and clairvoyant providing readings and psychic healings over the phone, in person or online.

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