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American Tarot Reader Arwen
American tarot reader giving telephone readings and online ereadings. Arwen has expertise in all aspects of tarot readings.

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Arwen Information

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I’ve read the cards since 1988. Part of that time was on several 1-900 lines. I would like to extend this expertise to you! For those of you who are first-timers or sceptics, I do have a first-time reading spread on my spreads page. I am the President of the American Tarot Association.

One of my other passions is fiction writing so I have several spreads designed to help writers in their creative process. Don't feel that you have to have a wip (Work In Progress) to request a writer's spread. Inspiration and Creativity are gifts we can all use.

I have a writer’s block spread that would be useful for non-fiction writers as well, but my primary focus on the other spreads is GMC (from Debra Dixon's book Goal, Motivation, and Conflict available at Gryphon Books), Characterization, and Possibilities. I also love to create spreads so if you have a unique situation, let's talk!

Rather than charge by the minute, I charge by the spread. You can find those prices on the Spreads page. You shouldn’t have to watch the clock during a reading and neither should I!

In my time on the 1-900 lines, I found that I felt hampered by the minute-hand ticking in my ear. I vowed that when the time came for me to start my own business, that I would not do that. So don't feel as if I am on some set schedule for your reading.

I usually read with the Frank Fradella Adventure Deck. I love its action-hero approach to the Tarot. The other deck that I turn to is the Tarot of the Old Path. Sometimes, I will be called to utilize other decks.

The other decks I own are the Herbal Tarot Deck, the Russian Gypsy Deck, and the Shakespeare Tarot. My collection grows all the time as well. When I am learning a new deck, I will offer free readings to a select number of people. I find that it helps me dive into the cards more fully.

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