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Canadian Astrologer - Dr. Art Basu
Canadian astrologer and psychic giving telephone readings, online readings and postal mail. Dr. Art Basu has expertise in astrology, horoscopes, tarot cards, psychic readings and more.

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Dr Art Basu Information

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Dr. Art Basu is an internationally renowned Psychic and Astrologer. He is also a success coach and relationship guide. Depending on a client’s unique needs, he uses astrology, palm reading, past life regression or psychic reading to help.

Born gifted with psychic powers, Dr. Basu's experience, expert knowledge, vision and goodwill will help solve your problems. The knowledge you gain can make a positive change in your life. Whether your issue is relationship, money, career or health, Dr. Basu has the answer! Talk to him live.

With his sharp intuition, Dr. Basu will pinpoint accurately the issues and give you practical solutions.

Premises that Dr. Basu holds are:

There are times when even the best of us need help and guidance.
Every client is unique and deserves a personalized reading, and PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO REAL PROBLEMS
No one needs to be caught by a surprise turn of events ever again. You can be prepared for the rainy day.
I do not see myself as a mere fortune teller but more as a spiritual guide, friend and a facilitator.

Dr. Art Basu comes from a family of several generations of astrologers and psychics in India. Born gifted psychic, he also studied astrology and palm reading from an early age. He has a doctorate in genetics and uses a scientific approach in his astrology and psychic readings. He has been successfully operating the Astrological Services Centre Inc. in Edmonton, Canada for over 15 years. With his help, people from over 50 countries are filling their lives with love, happiness and prosperity.

He also conducts group workshops. He has had several TV appearances and contributes regularly to this subject on radio and via the print media.

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