Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Suzuki Applauds Government

Its fantastic to read that governments around the world are taking bold new steps in creating new energy schemes. The Ontario government is one of them, David Suzuki talks about how excited he is that this government has chosen to allow renewable electricity producers to plug into the electricity grid. Which means anyone who wants to set up a wind turbine or put solar panels on their roofs will be paid a fixed premium to feed that electricity into the grid. It certainly sounds like a step in the right direction, lets pray that governments all over the world will follow or set up similar schemes.
David Suzuki lauds Ontario government for its "visionary" alternative energy policy
"The Ontario government's announcement today that it will allow renewable electricity producers to plug into the grid is an exciting and bold step forward, said the David Suzuki Foundation."This is a visionary decision that puts Ontario on a new path toward a more sustainable electricity system," said David Suzuki, scientist and broadcaster." davidsuzuki
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At 8:05 AM, Green Bob said...

Exxxcellent news. It doesnt really mean much though when you think about Canada's neighbor, and the environment's enemy number one, George W Bush.
When Arnie becomes president, things might start improving.


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