Monday, April 17, 2006

Deepak Chopra Attacked

Looks like people are living in and talking about fear again so what's new on this planet. I found some beautiful beings attacking Deepak Chopra and alternative healers. Like I've said before when we attack someone or something it is fear based, in other words we are separating ourselves from our fellow brothers and sisters, fear is the opposite of love. Fear keeps us separate from ourselves, others and most importantly God. Like I've said before Live and Let Live. We are all individuals on this beautiful planet expressing our own beliefs through our own experiences, we have to all realize we are all one, we all come from God we are all made up of the same stuff. I know Deepak Chopra has helped thousands of people around the world through his teachings and even if he's only helped one person that's still a great thing, not everything we come across in life is going to be our cup of tea. Instead of looking always at the negative(and really that is only your opinion) why not look for the positive in everyone and in every experience. When people start accepting that we are all on the same path and that through our own souls experiences have different ways of getting to the same point, this planet will be more harmonious. Let love and acceptance always be our only expression. As well unfortunately there are people out there exploiting innocent people in the new age world, but tell me anywhere in other areas where this doesn't happen also.
New Age Nitwits
" But the extreme claims from some supporters are all a bit much for Dr. Stephen Barrett, of
"There are a lot of intelligent people who are quite deluded," says Barrett, who is despised by new-age healers and spiritualists for insisting they back their claims with proof
." edmontonsun
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