Sunday, March 26, 2006

Catholic's Attack New Age

Why do some of today's major religions attack each other and anybody else who isn't following their faith? Simple,"FEAR", fear creates separation and where there's separation love cannot exist. Why cant we all just live and let live. The Christian faith is wondering why so many people are turning away from them or following other faiths and beliefs, the answer, people are more informed and aware. If religions concentrated on themselves a bit more and stopped worrying and condemning everybody else this world would have allot more peace and love.
The Church and the New Age Movement
"At the end of the millennium, the year 2000, a yearning for an age of freedom from the evils afflicting the world, the spirit of millenarianism has returned as it has so many times before. It is not a sect, a religion, a single organization, a science or a philosophy. In some ways it is not even new. It is called a movement in order to indicate that it is a network of individuals and groups who share a world-view and a common desire to change the world.1"
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