Monday, July 17, 2006

Spain goes Ape

Congratulations to the Spanish Government, very soon the Spanish parliament will pass a law implementing basic legal principles on granting legal rights to great apes. Meaning the four groups of great apes chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orang-utans will have protection freedom from torture, mistreatment and unnecessary death throughout the world.

Lets hope this leads to the whales and the rest of the animal kingdom. I noticed throughout the article they talk about how the apes feel and show emotions just like humans. For example anxiety, happiness as well as grief over the loss of loved ones and so on, Im sorry guys but when will humans realize that every single living creature be it animal, plant and some say mineral feels all the emotions that a human being will feel. I've talked to people who have worked in the abattoirs even they say that the cows and sheep can tell that they are going to die, they say you can smell the fear in the air. Take any new born away from just about any animal and watch them react.

Im sorry guys everyone to their own but I can not understand why humans have to kill so many animals to eat. Do we have to consume meat everyday? I don't think so in fact I know we don't. People should realize how much environmental damage we are doing just by eating so much meat. Like I've said to people who defend themselves against eating meat to me (really I don't care what anyone does, I've learned most of the time to accept people for where their at, for most of the time I too have done the exact thing this life time or maybe in another, this is why we cant judge another) that is its fine to eat animals if you go out and kill them yourself, as you guess nearly always the response is "oh yuck I couldn't kill a cow, a sheep or even a chicken" "why is that"? "It would be awful watching them die, hearing them scream". " So it's alright to get someone else to do the dirty work is it"? Please for the sake of our fellow creatures who also inhabit this planet think about how much meat you eat and do you really have to eat that much.

Further on in the article I also noticed that the Catholic church and Amnesty International have stated their opposition to the proposal, I understand why they have but as they write why cant we have rights for apes and all living creatures on this earth besides humans? We Are All One

Gorillas Chasing Bubbles: Spain Enters New Age of Enlightenment
"If all goes well, next Wednesday, 28 June, the Cortes Generales, the Spanish Parliament, will “liberate” four species of apes: chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orang-utans. Michele Stumpe, an American attorney who is the president of Great Ape Project, International, is overjoyed."
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