Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Divine Solutions

I've come across this interesting article that talks about asking divine guidance for help when we have a problem. As they say there are no problems only solutions, humans love to get caught up in the drama of life, I think a lot of people feel alive when their in their drama's, they love to play the victim role. The victim role has so many facets to it, sometimes we don't even realize we're in it.

Most of the worlds population are playing out the victim role, for a lot of society its easier to play victim than to take charge of one's life, and to take responsibility for every thought, word and action that we do. The most important thing we can do to work out our problems(believe me most of them are just trivial one's at best) is to turn within, in other words seek guidance from our own source, our inner being which is a divine spark of God/Goddess. It is the all knowing, there is nothing your own God presence cant help you with, no problem to big or to hard.

Some of you might say "but when I sit and meditate and ask a question about a problem I don't hear or get anything to help me". Most of the time the reason for this is you haven't used this part of you before, so most of the time not all of the time you need to practice, strengthen this part of your being by doing it everyday even twice a day. Treat it like a muscle, your muscles wont tone up or become larger after going to the gym once a week, they certainly will if you go five to seven times a week. Like going to the gym discipline is needed for building this connection to your higher-self, and like the gym when you start seeing results it becomes part of your everyday life and its easy to set aside half and hour a day connecting to God/Goddess. So start today going within and stop going without and like Dr. Wayne Dyer's book boldly states 'There's a Spiritual Solution to every problem.'
Seek Divine Guidance
"Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you ever get to a point in your life when you literally don't know what to do to solve a particularly pressing problem?Are you often confronted with extremely important decisions which must be made at your place of employment which impact not only your life and affairs, but others too?" thenassauguardian
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