Friday, May 26, 2006

Desire a Dream

Ruby Lilaowala writes how daydreaming is healthy for you. Having a dream a desire in other words certainly helps bring about that experience into our lives. Shakti Gawain, author of best selling book Creative visualization, "everyone from small children to extremely old people daydream". I personally sit in silence see what my hearts desire is, see me in the picture like a movie surround that in golden light and let it go. I know its good to think about this certain desire but the key is to have no attachment to it, for when we have attachment I find we usually push it away or get not exactly what we want. I also do a little ceremony where I write down every detail of the desire say a new house, I try not to forget anything and I place unlimited thoughts into it, then I go into nature or the backyard and call out to the universe, God, Goddess, mother earth, the archangels, ascended masters, fairies, and the elementals. I ask them to fully assist me in bringing this house, reading everything I wrote down out loud. Then after I finish what I have written I say and "so it is done" three times as well as "so be it" three times, then I say "thank you" three times. After this I burn the piece of paper fully visualizing the house, then let it go, knowing it will come.
Be a daydream believer!!
"Think even one negative thought and you drag yourself down into despair...You're waiting at the school gate to pick up the kids and you've drifted off into youfavoritete fantasy again, the one where John Abraham comes on his mo-bike to pick you out from the crowd and whisks you away from your humdrum life." cybernoon
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