Monday, May 15, 2006

Ba`kalema's Messages

Here's some messages I channeled while I was on my own retreat in the mountains earlier this year. I did a five day fast and took a vowel of silence. The place I stayed at was surrounded by beautiful Australian bush, energy portals and caves. There were also some aboriginal paintings dating back thousands of years. I've traveled quite a bit throughout my life this area in the Blue Mountains near Sydney Australia was one of the most uplifting, beautiful picturesque places I've seen. Ill be putting some photos and giving you some insight on what I experienced whilst I was there.

Empty your vessel of all the things you think you know and think you are

Now fill your vessel with all that is God
For you are the Holy Grail, the cup that they all speak of each and everyone of you
Drink and be filled

The mist moves over and through the mountains enveloping everything it touches
Just as God's love moves over and through you when you are open and at peace

Cast away doubt and gather up Knowing
Knowing all is well in God's playground

Forgiveness is the key that unlocks your heart to unconditional love
First start with yourself then you'll find it natural to fully forgive others

Peace exits in each and everyone of us a lot of us have just forgotten
Start to bring about peace in your own mind and heart
Soon enough others will catch on

Searching for love outside of ones self is futile
The love we all long for, the love we all seek
Is within us all
You'll know when you find it your heart wont stop smiling


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At 1:09 PM, Louise Taylor said...

Hey Ba`kalema
Have been checking out the website since you gave me your card back in Byron Bay (April). I'm now back home in England after a fantasic time in Australia, which I will never forget. Since returning home I have vowed to meditate daily which so far I have managed. It keeps me grounded and protected from becoming stressed in the work I do. Officially I work with people suffering mental illness but actually I work with people that have been abused as kids. Before you started the healing on me you said a prayer (I think?) about protecting yourself and helping me with the healing. I think that is a great thing I can do before seeing someone as I often listen to disturbing stories and the realisation how unfair life can be for some people. I have done a lot of inner work over the years but this has become very medicalised about my thoughts and behaviour. Byron Bay and since then, the website, has helped me to stay tuned to what I need in life and draw from the spiritual aspects which is also good news for my work.
I too love walking in the countryside and climbing hills and have planned a few days treking over the hills of Glastonbury, a beautiful spiritual place in the West of England. I am lucky that I live in a stunning part of England and came home to Spring with all its sweet smells of blossom and lush green countryside. I enjoy hearing stories of peoples travels and look forward to seeing the photos of your time in the Blue Mountains which sound amazing. I managed to get out there for a day and it is a stunning place.
The healing you did with me moved mountains, shift happens eh! About an hour after I had loads of revelations about stuff you had tapped into - it all made sense and felt right. I just had to go and jump in the sea naked and wash it all away so left my s*** in Byron Bay (didnt mean for that to rhyme) Im not sure if the guy I was with was pleased or scared but it was a liberating moment.
Anyway happy treking and good healing,
PS No idea about blogging it looks really complicated so hope this works.


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