Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What the Bleep's Deepak Chopra Interview

The makers of the film What the Bleep, have an interview on their site with the famous spiritual author Deepak Chopra. He gives his views on how he thinks the human race is going in relation to spiritual awareness and alternative living, and how movies like WHAT THE BLEEP!? - DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE are a great way of informing people of getting the spiritual message out there.
An interview with Deepak Chopra
" I haven't seen it yet. I want to see it. I think the first movie definitely made some inroads and shifted people, which has been good. I think movies like What the BLEEP!? are breakthroughs, good breakthroughs. They start telling us that there's more to reality than meets the eye, and that's a great step." whatthebleep
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At 11:09 PM, Anonymous said...

I hear Deepak Chopra is doing a DVD series now. I cant wait.
Do you read his blog at


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