Monday, March 20, 2006

Loving Mother Earth

When will the human race realize that this planet we live on is a living being? She feels everything we do to her. I believe she is the reflection of our human consciousness and at the moment its not to healthy. When we start loving and respecting ourselves, then we start loving and respecting our fellow human beings, all other beings on Earth and Earth herself. We cannot keep abusing her the way we are.
Living With Gaia
"If we accept that humans have a finite individual lifespan, and no one can ever be immortal, then maybe we should keep in mind that our species also has a limit for its span on Earth.
Instead, in our optimism we imagine that if we could manage ourselves and the Earth well enough we could, somehow, find ways to cope with a doubling lifespan, or a doubling of population
." Newrenaissance
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