Thursday, March 09, 2006

Attacked by Black Magic and Psychic Attack

Do you ever feel that sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, you just cant explain why you feel so physically tired and depressed? One minute everything is fine and the next minute, for some unexplained reason you feel you're falling apart. Sometimes it might not be what we think it is, that is the (usual problems like diet, exercise and sleep.) This article explains that in some cases Black magic or Psychic attacks can be the cause of your symptom's.
How to avoid being Psychically Attacked a.k.a Black Magic.
"Question: How do I know if I am being psychically attacked?Answer: First... any mis-use of energy, negative thought or action projected toward another person is a form of Black Magic. There is a wide range of attack from simply someone getting mad at you, all the way to someone actively doing negative ceremony and prayer against you." Kachina
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