Thursday, July 27, 2006

Being Well

Here's some tips for your well-being, it is important for every person to take a holistic approach to life. Balancing all parts of our being is crucial if we want to become happy, peaceful, loving beings. Some people go down the path of spirituality thinking by meditating each and everyday
connecting to god/goddess, being conscious of what we say and do is the road to enlightenment. Well it certainly is, but I find these people are forgetting one of the most important parts of ourselves and that is our body, our temple, if we don't look after our body which is the vehicle we get around in on this earth we wont be much use to anyone.

So remember we are made up of many different parts, paying attention to some parts and neglecting others isn't a balanced approach. Caring for all parts of ourselves mind, body and soul, for me is better path to enlightenment. Don't forget the old saying healthily body, healthy mind.

Tips for enhancing your well-being
"MUCH has been said (often repeated) about healthy living. Every day that passes reveals more information, better ways to do things with one end in mind—better health and greater well-being.Here are a few morsels for you to digest." showbizandstyle
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At 10:36 PM, Blogger Marilyn said...

The movie Soul Masters shows another way to reach well being. It is an inspiring film about Master Guo and Master Sha. The seemingly impossible
healings shown are heart touching. Watching this film is not the usual movie experience. It is healing. It is transforming. You not only see a movie, you experience the teachings, healing, love, commitment and compassion of these two Masters.


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