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Famous Quotes about Consciousness
Collection of famous quotes about consciousness by spiritual teachers and notable figures from history. Consciousness includes quotes about being conscious, unconscious, self-consciousness, consciously, self-conscious, and super-consciousness.

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  • However, when we shift our awareness or "frequency" from self-consciousness -- where fear, impossibility or feelings of separation reside -- to cosmic consciousness, which is in total harmony with the universe and where none of those feelings exist, then anything is possible.
    Rhonda Byrne Quote - Awareness - Consciousness - Fear - Feeling
    Separation - Harmony - Universe Quotes
  • Within these premises, the only thing one can be is an impeccable mediator. One is not the player in this cosmic match of chess, one is simply a pawn on the chessboard. What decides everything is a conscious impersonal energy that sorcerers call intent or the Spirit.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • I think that we are starting to get much more conscious about, you know, the importance of the spiritual path, and we are fulfilling it by paying attention to ourselves.
    Paulo Coelho Quote - Consciousness - Impotant - Spiritual - Fulfilling
    Awareness Quotes
  • This much is certain: when a man is happy, happy to the core and root of beatitude, he is no longer conscious of himself or anything else.
    Meister Eckhart Quote - Men - Happy - Consciousness Quotes
  • He is conscious only of God...To be conscious of knowing God is to know about God and self.
    Meister Eckhart Quote - Consciousness - God - Awareness Quotes
  • I must try, however, as best I can, although I am very conscious of the fact that our feelings and strivings are often contradictory and obscure and that they cannot be expressed in easy and simple formulas.
    Albert Einstein Quotes - Consciousness Quotes
  • From the living fountain of instinct flows everything that is creative; hence the unconscious is not merely conditioned by history, but is the very source of the creative impulse. It is like Nature herself - prodigiously conservative, and yet transcending her own historical conditions in her acts of creation..
    Carl Jung Quotes
  • ...The unconscious has no time. There is no trouble about time in the unconscious. Part of our psyche is not in time and not in space. They are only an illusion, time and space, and so in a certain part of our psyche time does not exist at all.
    Carl Jung Quotes
  • The so-called miraculous powers of a great master are a natural accompaniment to his exact understanding of subtle laws that operate in the inner cosmos of consciousness.
    Paramahansa Yogananda Quote - Miraculous - Power - Great - Master - Inner
    Nature - Understanding - Law - Consciousness Quotes

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Consciousness Quotes

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