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  • Lunascope - Virgo new moon - After a few intense moons and the climax of the lunar eclipse in Aquarius, we can finally take a breather during this new moon in Virgo.
  • Lunascope - Aries Full moon - The Aries Full Moon heralds new beginnings and an opportunity to let go of the old. It’s a fire sign so be ready to find plenty of energy available.
  • Lunascope - Scorpio new moon - Get ready for magic this week as Mercury bounds forward with the new moon in Scorpio and the Autumn cross-quarter festival of Samhain/Halloween - also known as the festival of remembrance or feast of the dead.
  • Lunascope - Taurus Full Moon - If you went into the depths of your heart during the last two weeks, you will reap the rewards under the Taurus Full moon.
  • Lunascope - Gemini Full Moon - The Gemini full moon is light and airy and is perfect for the festive season. We can utilise the energy that has gained momentum since the Sagittarius new moon to finish up projects and complete creative commitments and projects, particularly written ones.

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