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Lunascope: Scorpio New Moon
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Lunascope - Scorpio New Moon

By Rebekah Shaman

Get ready for magic this week as Mercury bounds forward with the new moon in Scorpio and the Autumn cross-quarter festival of Samhain/Halloween - also known as the festival of remembrance or feast of the dead.

This is the time in the natural cycle when the veil between our world and the hidden dimensions are the thinnest. Now we can tune into our ancestors and get their support. These forces bring together our conscious and unconscious selves and allow us to clear blocks that are hidden deep within. This can brings renewal, hope and closure to whatever darkness is happening in our lives, and reminds us to honour the constant ebb and flow of life.

Samhain and Scorpio represent the darkest part of the year, and the cycle of death and rebirth. This is particularly powerful as we see the breakdown of our financial and economic systems. However, the Scorpio new moon comes at the perfect time to help us see what is breaking through. It highlights things that are no longer working and represents both the death and rebirth of systems, relationships and projects that need change.

Change is always scary, despite the fact that everything is in the process of living and dying. This Scorpio new Moon is the most intense sign of the zodiac, so be prepared to feel things even more powerfully. Extreme spectrums of emotion will be felt during this period, so be mindful of the emotional balance that we have been working with since the Libra new moon to help ride this potent wave.

Allow yourself to enjoy the intensity of this, really delving into what you are feeling. Be aware of any judgments you are still making about others. Every view and opinion has its own value, so who are we to judge another’s perspective? As soon as we recognize our own perfection we can appreciate another’s greatness and realize how significant all our views are. The greater our self-awareness at this time, the less likely we are to fall into the Scorpio trap of jumping to conclusions, brooding over an offense that may not have been intended, getting caught up in distracting dramas and generally positioning ourselves as victim.

Use this opportunity to examine your patterns, make honest appraisal, and begin the process of overwriting old emotional destructive habits and behavior patterns with a positive new stance where you are empowered to manifest changes and re-design your reality.
This awareness is even more important in the current context of dividing realities. Your ability to embrace change and transform your perspective from victim to its only opposite – God/Goddess – directly affects which reality you tune into. Some will experience terror and pain as the old paradigm collapses – others will experience rapture and metamorphosis as they witness the emergence of the new paradigm of golden living that will last millennia once the waves of change subside. The pain of change now will be nothing compared to the joy and freedom you will gain, so make your choice wisely, and carry the seed of determination into every experience so you can remain alert to your patterns.

Lastly, this is moon of intimacy and personal transformation. It can help us unlock our hearts, asking us to be vulnerable and open to our deepest emotions and feelings. This might seem uncomfortable as we face our inner truths and become aware of the areas that need light and consciousness to transform. If you choose to break out of the box imposed by your personality, your greatest weakness will become your greatest strength. Have courage and know you are blessed, supported and nurtured by the Universe during this process.

Rebekah Shaman is the author of the the book "The Shaman's Last Apprentice", she also has a ethical and sustainable company called 'Hemp Global Solution'. The company aims to reinstate hemp as the number one crop on the planet and re-educate, lobby and promote the importance of this plant so that we can create a sustainable future for our children.

Rebekah's website is:www.rebekahshaman.com


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