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Wang Yangming Quotes

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wang yangming quotes
Wang Yang-Ming

Wang Yang-Ming, born Wang Shou-jen, was born in 1472 and died in 1529. Wang Yangming was born in Hangchow, China.

Works by Wang Yangming include "Instructions for Practical Living", "The Great Learning" and "The Letters".

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  • No one who really has knowledge fails to practice it. Knowledge without practice should be interpreted as lack of knowledge.
    Wang Yangming Quote
  • Knowledge is the beginning of practice; doing is the completion of knowing.
    Wang Yangming Quote
  • Nature is the original character of the mind. Heaven is the source of Nature.
    Wang Yangming Quote
  • I say there are no principles but those of the mind, and nothing exists apart from the mind.
    Wang Yangming Quote
  • Lack of seeking implies that one does not cherish one's purpose with determination.
    Wang Yangming Quote
  • That the sage is a sage is due solely to the fact that his mind is completely dominated by heaven-given principles, and not hampered by passion.
    Wang Yangming Quote
  • Whosoever is willing to devote himself to study may become a sage, provided he devotes his mind to heaven-given principles.
    Wang Yangming Quote
  • As he who grows a tree should not neglect to cultivate the roots, so he who desires to grow in virtue should develop his mind.
    Wang Yangming Quote
  • The human mind naturally finds pleasure in the principles of righteousness, just as the eyes take pleasure in color and the ears in sound.
    Wang Yangming Quote

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Wang Yangming Quotes

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