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David Suzuki Quotes
David Suzuki

Dr. David Takayoshi Suzuki was born on the 24th March, 1936, in Vancouver Canada.

Published books by David Suzuki include "Genethics", "Wisdom of the Elders", "Inventing the Future", and "Looking At " which is a children's book series on science.

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  • I fear we will not be able to respond adequately to the urgent threats from human activity.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • Now, we are suddenly and singlehandedly altering the physical, chemical and biological features of the planet on a massive scale.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • Human use of fossil fuels is altering the chemistry of the atmosphere; oceans are polluted and depleted of fish; 80% of Earth's forests are heavily impacted or gone yet their destruction continues.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • An estimated 50,000 species are driven to extinction each year. We dump millions of tonnes of chemicals, most untested for their biological effects, and many highly toxic, into air, water and soil.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • We have created an ecological holocaust.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • Our very health and survival are at stake, yet we act as if we have plenty of time to respond.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • We are now the most numerous mammal in the world, and with technology, consumption and a global economy, we are undermining the very things that keep us alive and healthy.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • And for over 40 years, leading scientists of the world have been telling us we are on a dangerous path, that there are opportunities if we shift direction.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • Yet now we turn our backs on the very survival strategy of our species — look ahead to avoid the dangers and exploit the opportunities.
    David Suzuki Quotes
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Dr David Suzuki

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