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Bob brown Quotes
Bob Brown

Robert James Brown was born on the 27th of December, 1944. Bob Brown was born in Oberon, New South Wales, Australia.

Senator Dr. Bob Brown is a famous Australian politician and environmentalist. He is currently the leader of the Federal Greens party.

Bob Brown has published several books including "The Greens" and "Lake Pedder."

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  • There is a spiritual side to our connection with the planet.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • It's got failure written into it and the Government needs to step up to where the Greens are to make Australia a success, not a failure.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Australia needs a sustainable population determined by our infrastructure and environmental capacity.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Asylum seekers make up a tiny fraction of overall immigration levels, and it is the other 90% plus of immigration that debate should focus on.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • The need for action on climate change is urgent.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • We Greens will get the ball rolling in the future by giving the new Prime Minister a proposal on climate change.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • I don't expect this Prime Minister to back the Greens' policy for a national integrity commissioner to fight political corruption, or for our proposed commissioner for truth in political advertising.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • There is no future in native forest logging. Plantation timber is the preference of the global market, and now dinosaur companies like Gunns are in trouble.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • The big corporations have been found out, they are not pulling their weight. We need to have big investment in education and skilling in Australia.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Great news to hear that more and more Australians are responding to the Greens constructive and positive message!
    Bob Brown Quotes
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Senator Bob Brown

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