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Bob brown Quotes
Bob Brown

Robert James Brown was born on the 27th of December, 1944. Bob Brown was born in Oberon, New South Wales, Australia.

Senator Dr. Bob Brown is a famous Australian politician and environmentalist. He is currently the leader of the Federal Greens party.

Bob Brown has published several books including "The Greens" and "Lake Pedder."

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  • Australia urgently needs tougher regulation including a requirement for all corporations to show an immediate ability to cap such spills with the equipment required on hand and ready to be used.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • This budget is more about greed than green.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • The Treasurer and the government have a huge ethical responsibility in spending the nation’s money, in ensuring its future.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • The greatest threat to this nation’s future and to the lifestyle of our children and their children which is climate change.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • It certainly has – it’s got hotter, it’s got drier and it’s become more threatened by the arrogant failure of this government to address the environmental crisis.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • The Pentagon, along with ecologists and the world’s preponderant scientific opinion, know that climate change stalks our global community’s future more fearsomely and less discriminately than terrorism.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Climate change is not a future event – it is here, now, with a monumental impact.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • I doubt the Treasurer or the Prime Minister knows what energy-efficient means – they are so stuck on the much less effective, more expensive, more dangerous and, for now, unavailable option of nuclear reactors.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • An unfortunate reality is that there will be more natural disasters in our region.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Besides our priorities for public health and education, we would keep Australia’s uranium in the ground and not in nuclear reactors either in Sydney or Beijing or Mumbai
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Unlike Labor and the Coalition we would get the chainsaws and firebombers out of Australia’s great wild forests.
    Bob Brown Quotes
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Senator Bob Brown

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