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Bob brown Quotes
Bob Brown

Robert James Brown was born on the 27th of December, 1944. Bob Brown was born in Oberon, New South Wales, Australia.

Senator Dr. Bob Brown is a famous Australian politician and environmentalist. He is currently the leader of the Federal Greens party.

Bob Brown has published several books including "The Greens" and "Lake Pedder."

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  • I'm an optimist, you know.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • But we have to remain optimistic. We know it's about the future. We know it's about having them as part of the inspiration for people, not just in Tasmania or Australia, but from right around the planet.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • The States also are under the thumb of the big resource extraction industries like the logging and the coal industry.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • If you look at the coal industry for example, it's 75 per cent owned outside Australia, that's where it profits go.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • I mean, that sort of pragmatism which sells out the future is not a problem for us. That's a problem for the community.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • We're very sensible and responsible and we're responding to the science that the world and the economic opportunities that the world's best experts are saying we need to look at and we need to take up.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • But when it comes to the political environment in Canberra, it is way short of recognising the need for - to take a world lead.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • As the United Nations has said in the last few weeks, the rich countries are going to hold back the rest of the world because they're setting their targets and they're not prepared to take the action that's commensurate with the threat of climate change.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Are you or I prepared to simply say we will lock into this and lose the Great Barrier Reef and the 63,000 jobs there?
    Bob Brown Quotes

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Senator Bob Brown

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