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Spiritual News About Dr. Wayne Dyer
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  • Wayne Dyer's Secret To Joy - Dr. Wayne Dyer is a one of the worlds most popular self-help gurus. In an interview with Glenn Paskin, Dyer explains how we ourselves can create the life we dream of.
  • You Can Help an Angel - I didn't know much about Ram Dass until last year. I'd heard his name mentioned in certain circles over the years but never felt a connection to him. That was until last year a wonderful friend was guided to give me a video of Ram Dass. Well I soon discovered what an inspirational and loving man he was.
  • Interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer - In the interview Dr. Dyer talks about God, passion, and his own life in general. Dr. Dyer is also releasing a new book this month called, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling.


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Dr. Wayne Dyer News

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