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Robert Collier Quotes
Robert Collier

Robert Collier was born on the 19th of Apil 1885 and died in 1950. Robert Collier was born in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America.

Published books by Robert Collier include "The God in You", "The Secret of the Ages", "The Secret Power", and "The Magic Word".

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  • No one can follow it down through the ages without realizing that the whole purpose of existence is GROWTH.
    Robert Collier Quote -
  • Life is dynamic—not static. It is ever moving forward—not standing still. The one unpardonable sin of nature is to stand still, to stagnate.
    Robert Collier Quote
  • Your future is of your own making. For the only law of infinite energy is the law of supply. The “Life Principle” is your principle.
    Robert Collier Quote
  • All through your daily life you will find this “Life Principle” steadily at work. Embrace it, work with it, take it to yourself, and there is nothing you cannot do.
    Robert Collier Quote
  • But let things start going wrong, let ruin and disgrace stare you in the face— then is the time this “Life Principle” will assert itself if you but give it a chance.
    Robert Collier Quote
  • There is nothing on earth you want that you cannot have -- if only you will mentally accept the fact that you can have it! There is nothing you cannot do -- once your mind has accepted the fact that you can do it.
    Robert Collier Quote
  • The first principle of success is desire -- knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed.
    Robert Collier Quote
  • Just so it is with the greatest Genii of them all—the subconscious mind within you.
    Through this spirit within, you can do anything right you may wish.
    Robert Collier Quote

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Robert Collier Quotes

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