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Famous Personalities Born in the Twentieth Century
Listing of famous people's birthdays categorized by different decades of the 20th century. Includes famous Celebrities, Authors, Religious Leaders, Spiritual People, Activists, Feminists, Politicians, Famous Dead People and Psychics.

The twentieth century started on the 1st of January 1901 and ended on the 31 December 2000.

Click on the decade below to see what famous people were born in each decade.

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Famous Peoples Birthdays

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  • 1900s - List of famous people including famous spiritual leaders, famous authors, famous activists and famous psychics born in the decade of the 1900s.

  • 1910s - Listing of famous personalities that includes famous Jews, famous women and famous dead people that were born in the decade of the 1910s.

  • 1920s - A list of famous historical people including famous religious people, famous gurus and famous entertainers that were born in the twenties.

  • 1930s - A group of famous people that includes famous environmentalists, civil rights activists and famous men that have their birthdays are in the thirties.

  • 1940s - List of notable people that are born in the nineteen forties, this includes famous actors, famous musicians and famous black women.

  • 1950s - Selection of famous figures from around the world that were born in the 1950s, including famous black men, theologians and writers.

  • 1960s - List of famous personalities including famous celebrities, famous Muslims and famous teachers that were born in the sixties.

  • 1970s - A collection of prominent people that were born in the seventies included are famous politicians, self help authors and famous Christians.

  • 1980s - Listing of inspiring people including popular poets, famous Buddhists and famous religious founders whose birthdays are in the eighties.

  • 1990s - A listing of renowned people that includes famous psychologists, famous actresses and famous Hindus that are born in the nineties.

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Famous Personalities Birthdays by Decade

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