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Muhammad also known as Mohammed, his full name was Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim, was said to be born in
c. 570, and died on the June 8, 632. He was born in Mecca and died in Medina, both in the Hejaz region of present day Saudi Arabia. Muhammad is the founder of Islam and the Muslim community.

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  • But determine that if people do you good, you will do good to them; and if they oppress you, you will not oppress them.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • These hearts rust just as iron rusts; and indeed they are polished through the recitation of the Quran.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • The prayer of a person is (in reality) a light in his heart, so whoever desires, can illuminate his heart (by means of prayers).
    Mohammad Quotes
  • Whoever loveth to meet God, God loveth to meet him.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • No father can give his child anything better than good manners.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • He who does not thank people, does not thank Allah.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • If anyone summons others to follow right guidance, his reward will be equivalent to those of the people who follow him without their rewards being diminished in any respect on that account.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • Things are of three categories: a matter whose right guidance is clear, which you must follow; a matter whose error is clear, which you must avoid; and a matter about which there is a difference of opinion, which you must entrust to Allah.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • Leave what causes you doubt and turn to what does not cause you doubt. Truth is tranquility, but falsehood is doubt.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • The prayer is one of the (primary) dictates of religion, in it lies the pleasure of the Lord, the Mighty and the Glorious, and it is the conduct of the Prophets.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • The prayer is the standard of Islam. Whosoever loves prayers, and observes their limits, timings and methods, is a true believer.
    Mohammad Quotes
  • They are people who have loved one another by reason of Allah's spirit, and were giving gifts to one another without being related or having (common) property.
    Mohammad Quotes

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The Prophet Mohammad

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