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Joseph Goldstein Quotes
Joseph Goldstein

Joseph Goldstein, was born in 1944. Joseph Goldstein was born in Catskill mountains of New York, in the United States of America.

Published books by Joseph Goldstein include "The Experience of Insight", "Insight Meditation", and "One Dharma".

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  • It feels to me like we're in such a privileged time in terms of the availability of the dharma and the availability of practice. We never know when conditions might change.
    Joseph Goldstein Quote - Time - Meditation - Change Quotes
  • There are many ways in which we cling: attachment or reaction or judgment or aversion or whatever.
    Joseph Goldstein Quote - Attachment - Judgment - Reaction Quotes
  • For most of us, the state we're in most of the time is distraction.
    Joseph Goldstein Quote - Time - Distraction Quotes
  • We need to distinguish the natural state of awareness from what is perhaps our more normal state of distraction.
    Joseph Goldstein Quote - Nature - Awareness - Distraction Quotes
  • I like the image of the mind as a mirror. The mirror has the capacity to reflect precisely whatever comes before it without any discrimination.
    Joseph Goldstein Quote - Reflection - Discrimination - Precise Quotes
  • I genuinely feel that I know a lot less now than I did twenty years ago. It feels wonderful! It feels like a letting go of mental constructs.
    Joseph Goldstein Quote - Genuine - Wonderful - Knowledgeable Quotes
  • Until we're fully enlightened, there's ignorance in the mind. So of necessity a view is going to be skewed.
    Joseph Goldstein Quote - Enlightened - Necessary Quotes
  • It's not the right effort to gain something. It really is the right effort to break the habit of our identification and fixation, which is very very strong.
    Joseph Goldstein Quote - Awareness - Habit - Strong Quotes

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Joseph Goldstein Quotes

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