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George Harrison Quotes
George Harrison

George Harrison was born on the 25th of February, 1943 and died on the 29th of November, 2001. George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England.

Famous songs and albums produced and written by George Harrison include "My Sweet Lord", "All Things Must Pass" and "Here Comes the Sun."

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  • That was one of the big helps for the Beatles at the time-- If anybody dried up in the press conferences there was always somebody else there with a smart answer.
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  • You know, I found I was starting to be able to enjoy being a musician, but the moment I got back with the Beatles it was just too difficult.
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  • I’m not really Beatle George – sorry to disappoint you. I mean there is much more to me than the Beatle George.
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  • Every human soul is potentially divine: the goal is to manifest that divinity.
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  • There’s an underlying reality that we must discover and I think the blessing is the realisation that there is actually something that exists other than our daily mundane life.
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  • That’s why when we went to India in 1968, that was such a great thing, because it was to get rid of stress and people don’t think of that.
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  • Ok, the physical body falls off, but the soul lives on, we’re going to meet again.
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  • But in retrospect life is just shadows, we are just shadows on this sunny wall and that’s all it is.
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  • I miss John in as much as we could have a good laugh and also, I think he was a good balance.
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  • The Beatles will go on and on, on those records and films and videos and books and whatever, and in people’s memories.
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Famous George Harrison Quotes
George Harrison Quotes

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George Harrison Quotes

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