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George Harrison Bio

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George Harrison Bio
George Harrison's Bio

George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England, on February 25, 1943. He has an older sister, Louise, and two older brothers, Harry and Peter. His mother was a Liverpool shop assistant, his father a bus conductor. George was raised in the Roman Catholic faith.

When George was seven his family moved to a council house (public housing) in Speke. He attended Dovedale Primary School, where John Lennon was also a student, although a couple of grades ahead of him (or forms, as they are called in England.)

From 1954 to 1959 he attended the Liverpool Institute for Boys. When he was about 12, George heard Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel" playing from a nearby house. He immediately decided he wished to be a musician. His mother bought him a guitar, and he formed a small band. Paul McCartney, one year older than Harrison, also attended this school. At age 16, George joined John Lennon’s band The Quarrymen (in 1958). McCartney was already a member.

George left school at age 16. He worked as an apprentice electrician for some time, while also attempting to get his musical career going with Lennon’s band, which in 1960 changes its name to The Beatles. By 1963, thanks to an image change engendered by their manager, Brian Epstein, Beatlemania had taken over the world.

George became known as “the quiet Beatle.” He influenced the Beatle’s sound somewhat with his interest in Indian music, as well as new musical ideas. In 1965, during a tour of the US, George was introduced to the sitar and Indian music, which immediately called to him and influenced his later work. About this time the rest of the Beatles also became interested in Hinduism for a short while. George became a Hare Krishna devotee, and also became a vegetarian. (The Hare Krishna philosophy was embraced and distorted by the US’s hippie subculture. )
The four regulative principles of Hare Krishna are:

No eating meat, fish, or eggs
No gambling
No use of intoxicants
No illicit sex

George met Pattie Boyd while the band was filming A Hard Day’s Night, and married her on January 21, 1966. Paul McCartney was his best man.
By 1967, the Beatles were a band in turmoil, with the strong-willed Lennon and McCartney sparring over their creative differences. George also was moving beyond the Beatles. They continued to work together until late in 1969, when John Lennon left the group altogether. The Beatles officially broke up on January 4, 1970.

For most of their existence, the Beatles had been great friends. Yoko Ono’s influence on Lennon is usually credited with helping to break up the group.
During the Beatle years, George had written a few songs, but the rest of the group had declined to perform them. George established a solo career beginning in 1968 (two years before the Beatles actually broke up). He’d released two instrumental albums.

George’s album All Things Must Pass, released in 1970, consisted of three records of his songs, and was considered a commercial and financial success. Although George released several albums after this one, none of them achieved the same kind of success. (His final album was released in 2002, posthumously.)

In 1974 George and his wife Patti divorced (she subsequently married Eric Clapton) and in 1978 he married Olivia Trinidad Arias.

George continued producing and recording music for the rest of his life. In 1997 he was diagnosed with cancer, and he died on November 21, 2001 at the age of 55.

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George Harrison Biography

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