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Eliza Dalian
Eliza MADA Dalian

Eliza MADA Dalian was born in 1952 in Armenia. She immigrated to Canada in 1976 at the age of 24. She has now become a well known multi award-winning author, mystic, spiritual guide, and master-healer.

Eliza's book "In search of the Miraculous" has won many significant awards. The book is beautifully written and guides people to freeing themselves of pain, suffering and fear.

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  • Our diverse personalities, perceptions, body constitutions, and the different paths we take on our journey determine how we live in the external world.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • Our feelings of aloneness, insecurity, abandonment, alienation, and not feeling loved evaporate the moment we experience the purity of our silent being.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • Only in our thoughts is there happiness and unhappiness, right and wrong, birth and death. When we stay identified with this ever-changing play of opposites that only exists in our mind, we fail to see what is permanent – the unshakable joy of our eternal being.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • All our physical and psychological ailments point us to where we need to focus our attention so we can transform our energy into consciousness.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • When you invest a lot of time and energy on things that are impermanent and can never fulfill you, you miss many opportunities to discover the ultimate joy of your eternal being.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • Condemnation of the ego only delays the development of consciousness and keeps us trapped in the wheel of life and death.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • Meditation is the witnessing of what is. In other words, it is the detached observation of reality with full acceptance of both positive and negative, good and bad.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • Don’t fight with your thoughts and feelings. Instead, embrace them as friends and try to understand why they are there.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • Unconditional love is aware that it needs to give freedom to others instead of trying to possess, manipulate, or control them.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
  • By trying to fit into any social, religious, or political group at the expense of your own individual truth, you miss living your own innate potential.
    Eliza MADA Dalian Quote
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